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Viability Testing

Materials Required Microtubes (6) Teat pipettes (one is okay but need to be cleaned once used) Zip-lock bags PBS (Phosphate-buffered) or saline medium 1. Sample preparation. Refrigerate a gram of each bacterial strain sample, then put in a zip-lock bag to provide protection while avoiding possible contamination. 2. Add 9 mL of medium (PBS or …

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Mechanisms Behind Health Benefits

Health benefits conferred to the host are normally strain specific and are depended on the following bacterial properties.       – Gut survival ability ; resistance to both gastric and bile acids       – Non-pathogenicity | non-toxicity | high viability       – Adhesion ability to both intestinal epithelial cells (IECs) & gut mucosa membrane       – …

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The three bacterial strains are grown independently , freeze-dried separately, then mixed in equal amounts in order to form the solid powdered probiotic sachets. They remain in dormant but viable state. While doing this, optimization of their individual growth conditions, will ensure generating high enough growth density in broth, as well as Colony Forming Units …

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