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In-Brief Flow-Charts

Procedures Variables 8 freeze-dried powders resulting from lyophilization a. Two powders from each probiotic strains under different culture volumes and different types, concentrations, and volumes of cytoprotectant. Broth media inoculated (150 mL) and 25 mL 10 % sucrose | maltodextrin M17 | MRS inoculated broth (150 mL) and 50 mL 10 % sucrose | maltodextrin …

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Bacterial strains — Lactobacillus rhamnosus, Streptococcus thermophilus. – Culture broths i.e., MRS and M17 prepared is inoculated with few microliters (25-50 μL) of bacteria and incubated @ 37 °C for 24 hours. Lyophilization | Freeze-drying. Freeze-dryer calibrations: Temperature (-50 °C) and Pressure (2 millibar) Samples preparation M17 and MRS broth previously inoculated and incubated is …

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Getting to work

Initial Experimentation The proposed probiotic research project has been made possible through Mitacs Grants Funding and participating partners — WHE, Fanshawe College, YOU, Misty Glen. Growth Media and Solution Prep MRS Agar and Broth. Dissolved 61.15 g (Agar) | 51 g (Broth) in 1 Litre of distilled water. Add 1 mL Tween 80 and boil …

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